First target

Meeting the requirement of customer, satisfying customer,growing with customer.

GO is an ISO approved,dedicated rubber accelerator & antioxidant manufacturer and exporter in China. 
We are committed to provide products, with outstanding quality, therefore, strict QC system are applied to each 
batch of production in every day.Customers are delighted to the service and product quality we have provided in last 15 years.

1、Excellent raw materials ensure the superior end products

High-quality and environmentally-friendly raw materials, from the source, ensure high stability and excellent quality of each batch of products.

2、Stable production, fast delivery

The warehouse has a large fixed inventory, long-term supply capacity, quick response, solving customer’s sudden problems; fast delivery.

3、Sophisticated equipment, quality control

We are always investing into equipment to improve the product quality and decrease the waste water in polluting environment.

4、Senior practitioners can be trusted

We have full set of inspection machines in the lab and all the stuff are well trained. QC department is applying strict standard to insure from raw materials to final products the quality is over the standard.